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Discovering Your Inner Style

Discovering Your Inner Style - 8 Steps to G.U.R.U. written by Jan Addams (Designer, Author, Trainer)

An expert in interior and personal style, author Jan Addams has simplified the world of fashion, image and personal expression in her new book DISCOVERING YOUR INNER STYLE - 8 STEPS TO G.U.R.U . She deftly vanquishes commonly held beliefs and puts the world on notice that beauty is more than your hair colour and bust size. Using the secrets of industry insiders, Addams lays out easy-to-do, fun quizzes that not only help readers to understand themselves, but dramatically change how they express their style.

Author Jan Addams’ style system incorporates eastern and western style strategies to make it easy for almost anyone to discover their inner G.U.R.U. This first book in her new style by strategy series focuses on uncovering inner personality traits and applying them to personal style. Addams offers insider tips and tricks to help sort, organize and choose styles that blend every aspect, into a personal style guide to keep readers on track. By the end of the book, even the fashion challenged will look like a million dollars.

Learn how to: 

• Spot fashion “mistakes” before you buy

• Discover the best clothes, hair and make-up for your body, colouring and personality

• Uncover your inner-traits and add pizazz to your style

  Express yourself in your home and office and enjoy being 'Simply You by Design'!


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