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A. The founding belief of Jan Addams Design is The Triple ID Style Classification System © which states that our personality, body shape and colouring affects not only the cut, colour and style of our wardrobe (image) it also transitions into our interior design and business organizational style (industry).


Q. WHY did you create ONLINE Interior CONCEPT Design Services :

A. Four great reasons:

  1. To Save you Time, Money & Headaches when trying to figure out whether you should stay in your home & renovate, sell or build new – Get the FREE 8 KEY Deciding Factors HERE
  2. To Simplify the Interior Design Process and make it FUN not frustrating – The Process & Phases of Design from IMAGE To INTERIOR Inc.
  3. To utilize my varied Education, Experience, and Expertise to continue to create beautiful, organized Spaces that incorporate Universal Design Elements in them.
  4. To Interior Design around your style, not my style as variety is the spice of life!


Q. WHO does Jan Addams Design help?

A.  I only associate with those (Clients & Consultants) that choose to see the best – beauty and potential – in all people and places.   

- For my Interior Design Clients: I focus on helping Baby Boomers and Millenials that are seeking to renovate and/or build incorporating Universal Design Principals to allow them to 'Age in Place' if they so choose.

- For my Interior Design Consultants: I focus on helping them find their Best Clients and brand their business to attract them.  To help them simplify their project management with her proprietary systems to help them help their clients achieve the best ROI. To Mentor them as she knows their passion and pain.


Q. HOW does Jan Addams communicate with her clients?

A. Jan is a long time 'Online' Interior Designer that helps her clients virtually no matter where they live as long as they have a computer and internet access. 

  • She uses SKYPE, ZOOM, GOOGLE Chat etc to have Online and Visual meet-ups with her clients.
  • She creates and sends drawings (floor plans, elevations, 3D renderings) in PDF format via email for her clients to review at their convenience.
  • She provides password-protected pages that only she and her clients have access to avoid 'email confusion' and have all info in one place.
  • She provides online tools and forms that help her clients stay organized to be on time and budget with their project.
  • She provides webinar support once a month and email TIPS 2 x a month.

NOTE: Jan Addams's schedule is tight and she only accepts a limited amount of personal clients -  Please click on THIS LINK see updated availability.  

If you have further questions please email [email protected] 


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