Has COVID-19 scared You? 

You aren't alone!

However, if something happens to you does your family know where to go, what to do and who to call?

I had the same worry, but not anymore. Being a PROCESS Driven person (to quiet the squirrels in my head asking What if?),  I created forms with all my KEY info on them for my family to access "JUST in CASE" and I rest much easier.  I want to help you do the same... 

  • I have 3 LESSONS in this MINI Course "JUST in CASE" - Your Personal PREPAREDNESS Plan (c)  
  • I created 5 CUSTOM Forms that include all the necessary info for your FAMILY to access.
  • Download them FREE, Print them, Save them on your Computer and on an External Hard-drive and put in your Safety Deposit Box.
  • Also, I have compiled a list of up-to-date EMERGENCY Gov't Contact Websites and First Aid Sites to access.

Please Stay Safe & Healthy!

Jan Addams,

Designer, Author, Treasure Hunter
Mother, Wife and Merma (Grandma)


From the Comfort of Home

Settle in for 30 minutes to do this MINI Preparedness Plan. TIME is of the essence!

Grab a cup of Java

Grab a Cup of Java

Open your laptop, grab all your ID and get ready fill in all your KEY info to access later.


Your Personal Preparedness Plan IE: Forms and Emergency Contact Info with ONLINE access.

Rest Easy - JUST in CASE - Get it Here FREE