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Design Dominoes - The Interior Process Game (c)

Created, constantly used and continually upgraded by Interior Design Veteran - Jan Addams.  Learn the secret 8 Steps that need to be taken to complete an Interior Decorating, Renovation or Building Project on time and budget to get the results you wanted and having fun doing it!

Geared for > Skilled 'DIY' enthusiasts.


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Renovating your Kitchen?

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The Interior Process Game (C) is both 24/7 access to online video training with 8 custom coloured Process Pages to Download/print to place all your online fill-in PDF forms to download, print and keep for 'insurance' purposes. Absolutely PRICELESS!


I start all interior projects with 'ART'.  This is a 'focal piece' (art, area rug, fabric, granite) that is an item of defined colour and theme to create a 'resort style feel' that reflects its occupants. 

The perceived value of your focal ART piece sets the tone, value & budget for the interior design. Eg: A $10K area rug shouldn't have dime store products or accessories around it!

Your 'Focal ART Piece' will have both neutral (use for wall & trim) and accent colours (accent wall & accessories) to pull from to create a calm, comfortable and inspiring space.

Colour Direction

Learn how to choose colours out of your focal 'Art Piece' to easily tie in all other components and create a larger looking, more personal and inspiring space.  
HINT:  I choose paint colours LAST!  (Jan Addams)

DESIGN Elements give your space uniqueness like: built-ins, staircases, fireplaces, lighting schemes, custom furniture and accessories.

Every project has EXISTING and irreplaceable items that must be designed around.  This is a snapshot view to keep them 'top of mind'.

Your ulitmate goal is to create a space that is calm, colourful, fung-tional and inspiring.  Here is where all previous elements come together!

Floor Plans

Learn how to read and create feng-tional FLOOR Plans organized around your chosen pieces of art, appliances, plumbing fixtures, fireplaces, stairways etc. Some items will need to be tweaked along the way as 'structure' leads design. IE: foundation, roof lines, posts, beams, stairs, HVAC, and Electrical requirements meet your community's building codes.

Are you a DIYer or Design Client?

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