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Jan Addams discusses Current Topics of Interest and gives TIPS on how to use Style Strategy to create a Holiday at Home Environment to Live, Work & Play.


8 TIPS to Update your Master Bedroom

In Emptiness Imagination is Free to Play – Let’s begin… (Jan Addams

Empty your entire room to gain a new perspective (including your closet and ensuite).  Picture what it would look and feel like when you walked into a High-End Resort Hotel room. Now re-enter

4 Questions to ask yourself and your partner:

  1. Who is sharing the space?
    1. THINK: What type of Art & Style do you both agree on.
  2. When do you want this room completed by?  
    1. THINK: Budget and project timeline.
  3. How much ‘realistic storage’ do you need for both to feel comfortable?
    1. THINK: Only seasonal clothes should only be in the bedroom.
  4. What kind of mood do you want to create...
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