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8 TIPS to Update your Master Bedroom

In Emptiness Imagination is Free to Play – Let’s begin… (Jan Addams

Empty your entire room to gain a new perspective (including your closet and ensuite).  Picture what it would look and feel like when you walked into a High-End Resort Hotel room. Now re-enter

4 Questions to ask yourself and your partner:

  1. Who is sharing the space?
    1. THINK: What type of Art & Style do you both agree on.
  2. When do you want this room completed by?  
    1. THINK: Budget and project timeline.
  3. How much ‘realistic storage’ do you need for both to feel comfortable?
    1. THINK: Only seasonal clothes should only be in the bedroom.
  4. What kind of mood do you want to create in this room?
    • THINK: Your Favourite Holiday Style – Is it Tropical, City, Country.

      Ours is the warm waters of Maui, Hawaii!

Here are the 4 Answers to the above questions:

  1. Compromise: Start with a FOCAL Piece of ART whether it is a painting, bedding, area rug doesn’t matter it is whatever you both agree on and will use to create a cohesive theme to your room (Breakfast in Bed?).
    1. This is the first Design Dominoes step to creating a calm, colourful & inspiring space!

  2. Budget & Timeline: When do you realistically want your Interior Project Completed by and remember to schedule it around your holidays and other events.
    1. For example: if you are ordering custom furniture this can take up to 4 months to come in after you have selected the style and approved the fabric. Some plumbing fixtures can take up to 6-8 weeks to arrive.  Also, you may pay a premium if you are in a hurry for installation services.

  3. Organization: Bedroom, Closet & Ensuite storage is key to creating a Feng-tional & Inspiring Space.
    1. Think about the types of clothes you both need and keep only the current season in your closet if you have another space to put them.

  4. Rethink your Lighting & Paint colours to create a Resort Style Mood.
    1. Layer your lighting with recessed pot lights (ambient), bedside table or wall lamps and/or other task-specific lighting (over pictures). Use your chosen ‘Art piece’ to direct your colour selection.  Hint:  I use the blinds I put in my windows to chose the trim, door & baseboard colour

If you planning to “AGE in PLACE” and are building new or, doing a complete renovation, this is the time to also think about installing wider (34 – 36”) doorways with lever style handles; transitionless shower systems and other ADA compliant fixtures like toilets, sinks, faucets etc.   


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