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Jan Addams discusses Current Topics of Interest and gives TIPS on how to use Style Strategy to create a Holiday at Home Environment to Live, Work & Play.


Holiday at Home Sea Theme


 When the world is crazy, you feel lonely and depressed and traveling to your favorite place is almost non-existent, why not create an environment where you can "Holiday at Home" in a safe, warm and calm Sea Theme!

You can use a neutral for your walls like BM Barely There CSP-725 and add a colour like BM - Baltic Sea CSP-680 as your main pillow and accent colour to create a deep-sea feel.

In the summertime at a fun palm leaves patterned cushions and throw in Coral, or a color like BM - Egyptian Clay CSP-1140 to add a touch of warmth.

I believe that as we Boomers age and travel less, we should design our homes to Age in Place around our favorite holiday theme.

My husband and I have done this in our home and we are incredibly grateful that we did because being in quarantine was not...

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Stop Panic Attacks with Square Breathing


In this short video (1:23) I share the 4 steps to Square Breathing.

This is a technique I learned to stop my Panic Attacks without the use of any medication.

Step 1: Breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds

Step 2: HOLD that breathe for 4 seconds

Step 3: Breathe out through your mouth for 4 seconds

Step 4: HOLD that breath out for 4 seconds (this is the most important part of the exercise as most of us are told to "Breathe" but not how or why. If you don't hold your breath after expelling your air and start breathing again right away you run the risk of hyperventilating. The HOLD helps prevents CO2 build-up in your system.

I take this exercise further and increase each count by one, up to 8 seconds for each step. By the time I reach my 8 HOLD Seconds when I have breathed out, I am...

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Don't let Covid-19 Stop You from Living!

Please don't stay glued to the "Boob Tube" as our parents called it as you will only become more paranoid, stressed and depressed.  Instead be proactive, prepared, aware and help when and where you can! 
Wash your hands - Here is a link to a Video as to Why!

Unless you don't have a TV or internet, you are very aware Covid-19 Virus has caused major panic as it spreads around the globe. It has also made a huge presence here in North America.

Many of my family, friends, associates and clients are very concerned and don't know what to do. They are preparing to limit their contact with the outside world; scale back or change their business models; and clients want to put off their interior / renovation projects until things settle down.

This seems reasonable, however, when ...

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8 TIPS to Update your Master Bedroom

In Emptiness Imagination is Free to Play – Let’s begin… (Jan Addams

Empty your entire room to gain a new perspective (including your closet and ensuite).  Picture what it would look and feel like when you walked into a High-End Resort Hotel room. Now re-enter

4 Questions to ask yourself and your partner:

  1. Who is sharing the space?
    1. THINK: What type of Art & Style do you both agree on.
  2. When do you want this room completed by?  
    1. THINK: Budget and project timeline.
  3. How much ‘realistic storage’ do you need for both to feel comfortable?
    1. THINK: Only seasonal clothes should only be in the bedroom.
  4. What kind of mood do you want to create...
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Discover Your INNER Traits

We are all DIAMONDS in the rough.  We react and respond in a unique to us way.  What is your Dominant Inner Trait?

There are 4 Basic Personality Traits:
PLANNER – organizer
DOER   – action-oriented
MEDIATOR  – relates more to people
COMMUNICATOR  – initiates ideas

This  is  the  first  part  of  the  infinite  side  of  us.  Our  inner  character carries an essence of structure within that continues to change and evolve with education, experience and maturity.


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The Year of GREENERY

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

With Spring around the corner, introducing a bit of 'Greenery' in our homes will give you a feeling of life.  Color Experts have chosen Greenery as the 2017 Pantone Colour 15-0343 TCX of the year.

Q. How do you introduce a new colour in your home or office without conflicting with the other colours or theme already in place?

A. Add some new candles, plants, or small table accessories to your living space.  You can also add an inexpensive throw blanket or entrance mat that can be easily replaced when you tire of the colour.  

You can also create a welcoming centerpiece on your entrance or dining room table that introduces Greenery as a touch if it conflicts with existing items or as a bunch if it enhances your...

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Welcome to Jan Addams - Training Site

The Jan Addams - Training Site has been in the works for many years. It has finally found a home working with Kajabi the amazing 'one stop' website provider.

This will be an evolving site as more products and services are offered to the both the Interior Design Industry as well as Design & Style enthusiasts everywhere.

Whether you are looking for something to Refresh your Personal Style or Interior Space, or looking at revamping your Interior Business & Career, you have come to the right place!

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