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How to 'Age in Place' & create a 'Resort Style Life'

Aging in Place - The NEW Buzz

By 2031, about 23 per cent of could be seniors. By 2061, there could be 12 million seniors to just 8 million children. For fiscal reasons, adult children are staying at home longer & in-law suites are popular.

The growing number of retired Baby Boomers has created both wealth and fiscal concern. Most want to enjoy this new found freedom with anticipation but also awareness of possible health needs.  This is called 'Aging in Place'.

Fellow Baby Boomer and 35+ year Veteran Interior Designer, Jan Addams, is going to share her knowledge & systems in 4 steps on how you can prepare yourself and home for this transition and create your own 'Resort Style Life' to create a Holiday at Home environment to Age in Place in comfort and convenience for as long as you can! 


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Learn about Universal Design & Aging in Place - Resort Style

Are you a Baby Boomer that is considering 'downsizing or right sizing' and curious about how to where you should start your next Renovation or New Build and what it will cost?  You won't want to miss this oppurtunity to get FREE Designer advice on:

  1. How to 'Age in Place - Resort Style' creating a Holiday at Home environment (18 min Video)
  2. What 8 KEY questions you need to ask yourself BEFORE you decide to Renovate of Sell. (8 Min Video)
  3. How to use Style Strategy to create your home around your 'Personal Style' and Life needs. (26 Min Video)
  4. How to Play 'DESIGN DOMINOES - The Interior Process Game (c) that takes the guess work out of the decisions necessary when you Renovate or Build new.  Not only will this simple system save you time and money, you will be STRESS FREE and have FUN!  (20 Min Video)


Baby Boomers Rebound

Baby Boomers are entering retirement with a desire for better health and places to wisely spend their wealth through fun, travel and age gracefully in place enjoying their home with their mate and extended family.

Don't let this be You!

Some don't want to retrofit their homes with 'age convenient' products for 1 of 3 reasons: Pride (people will think I’m old); denial (I'm fine, I don’t need that stuff); and myths (the renos will hurt the resale value of my home).

Create a 'Holiday at Home'

Imagine your favourite holiday location... Ours is a condo by the ocean that has everything we need - easily accessible. I'll show you how I incorporated current & stylish 'age in place' conveniences to create our 'Resort Style Life'!


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