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Do you crave a Calm, Colorful & Inspiring Life and in turn want to help and inspire others? Me Too!!

This is Jan Addams "Design" ONLINE!  Discover a community of like-minded people where you can be your Authentic Best, and learn how to create your own Holiday at Home to Age in Place - Resort Style!

I've got a lot to share.

I create, design, play, and show people how to have a Resort Style Space to Age in Place. I offer TIPS to help you create a Holiday at Home around your favorite vacation spot. Ours is Maui so we brought the warm, calm, blue ocean home to the suburbs.

Thinking about Renovating?

Jan is a 35+ year Interior Design Veteran and in this FREE Fill in PDF and Video, you will be able to see what the best plan will be for you and your family.  Should you Age in Place or move and rightsize your home and life to enjoy your next phase of life

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Are you a Baby Boomer?

Hi there fellow Boomer, Millenial! 
Are you looking to Downsize, or Renovate your existing place?  Let's create a "HOLIDAY at HOME" environment to Age in Place with a Resort Style Attitude
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DIY Jan Addams Design TIPS

The short video below shows what to expect when you become a Jan Addams Design Community Member. I present short DIY videos of a Home or Craft Project for our Subscribers with the full Tutorial Video and PDF instructions available only Members.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who, Why, What, and Where do I become part of the Jan Addams Design Community.

I am Jan Addams (Designer, Author - Narrator & Treasure Hunter) a 35+ yr Interior Design veteran based in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I wrote a Style Strategy Book to understand how knowing your Personality, loving your Body Shape & wearing your power Colors will showcase the BEST - Gee U R U.

I also offer my interior design secrets in an online learning platform available 24/7 to experienced DIY clients and Interior Professionals that only need a 'little' guidance from me and use the Digital tools I created to make their projects simpler.
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If you are considering buying a house, renovating, downsizing, or building a new home, you NEED to schedule a quick chat with Jan (she offers a FREE 20 min Phone Consultation) to help you make the best decision for yourself and family.  HINT: She doesn't bite and her grandkids call her Merma - ask her why :) Set up a FREE 20 Min Phone Consultation HERE

Jan sends a bi-monthly "Jan Addams DesignNewsletter and offers access to Monthly Video Conferencing tools (ZOOM, FB, YT, etc.) to share her experience and expertise in TIPS to save you time, money, and headaches on your project.  Plus, you can chat with like-minded members in our private Community.

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When you become part of the "Jan Addams Design Community", you will be immediately hooked up to her ONLINE world!  You will have access to her Style Book, the ONLINE Design Dominoes Course which includes Videos, Tutorials, and multiple PDF forms in her DESIGN DOMINOES - The Interior Process Game (c)

This Amazing System is the ABC's of Interior Design!  Created to help her clients know where to start and then make the next important decision to simplify and save themselves money, time, and frustration on all Interior Decorating, Design, Renovation, or New build Projects!


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